About OwlsTeam LTD

OwlsTeam is a worldwide trademark registered in the UK. We mainly supply garment products, garment cutting products, craft printing products.
Currently, we have supplied to millions of customers worldwide with thousands of different products.

Our Products


– Clothing:

  • Hoodies
  • Joggers, Pants
  • T-shirt, TankTop, Sweater
  • Bomber
  • Short
  • Dress & Romper

– Home & Decor:

  • Poster & Canvas
  • Blanket & Bedding Set
  • Wall Tapestry
  • DoorMat
  • Quilt
  • Tumbler & Mug

Our Promise

All artwork is authentic, original and exclusive to Lunafide. All clothing, including their blankets are handcrafted to order. OwlsTeam is proud of a less than 24 hour response time. OwlsTeam strives to guarantee 100% satisfaction. If they aren’t living up to these promises, let them know by emailing [email protected]

How We Work

All of the products that OwlsTeam sells are made to order, this means that each product is unique to you due to all our clothing being hand stitched. This also limits wasteful manufacturing as OwlsTeam does not mass produce anything. Everything crafted is done so because someone shares the same passion that the Lunafide team has. From the very conceptual stages until way after each design is launched, the OwlsTeam team invests immense time and love into creating each and every collection.